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OPTIMAL LIGHT PATTERN:LED headlight using the latest COB-Flip Chip hybrid for best beam patterns. No dark spots, no scattered light. LIMITLESS TURBO FAN With speed up to 8,500 rpm, it delivers over 7CFM of air flow, keeping to the temperature under 85 INSTANT BEAM Unlike HIDs which take 6-8 seconds to light up making its use for high beam irrelevant, LEDs provide you with a bright beam as soon as you turn the lights. BRAIDED CABLE Its new Nylon braided cord, tangle free and robust, will allow better flexibility and longer lifetime. WARNING ABOUT POLARITY:Unlike halogen bulbs, LED are polarity sensitive. BEFORE you start your LED kit installation, verify the polarity on your vehicle by simply plugging the LED bulb into your vehicle socket. – if your light turns on, please proceed to install both bulbs onto your vehicle.- if your light DOES NOT turn on, disconnect the bulb and flip the socket in order to reverse the polarity (this will not damage your vehicle electrical system in any way). Once you made sure the LED bulb turns on, please proceed to install both bulbs onto your vehicle.Note: There is no convention when it comes to polarity. Different car manufactures have different polarity setup, even within the car model the polarity setup on your low beams and high beams might be different. DISCLAIMER: SOME VEHICLES REQUIRE ADDITIONAL HARDWARE (DECODERS OR RESISTORS)- European Vehicles 2005 and up- Dodge/Chrysler 2005 and up- Jeep 2008 and up- Ford 2013 and upFor those vehicles, please contact our Customer Service Department for further assistance. Note: HID relay and resistors will not work with LED kits.

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