Nerf Laser Ops Pro: the video game in the real life!

Among Hasbro’s fall releases, this year was an unexpected item – a new version of laser tag gear. Following previous iterations under both the Tiger Electronics and Hasbro brands, the Laser Ops series aims to enable play that is easy to pick up and use without any outside gear but can be substantially upgraded when paired with smartphones. To that end, the first blasters in the line largely succeed.

Hasbro Nerf Laser Ops Pro brings video game experience to life!

The new Nerf-set includes unique blasters, providing almost a real battle, which can be activated by the free application Nerf Laser Ops Pro.

Each blaster has different functions, including three game modes –“solo” (single player), “team” (team play) and “free” (free play) – as well as unlimited ammunition, command indicators, visual and sound effects, and health display.

The application allows you to customize your blasters in real-time, track your performance, earn bonuses and find opponents during the battle.

The new line of blasters brings the game to a new level, combining the joy of laser battle with modern technology, design, power, and performance, which is synonymous with the Nerf brand.

The Nerf Laser Ops Pro Kit includes selected new products:

  • The Laser Ops Alphapoint is your basic pistol; pulling the trigger gives you one shot. A panel on the back uses an indicator of health, ammunition and command indicators. The button of reloadssits at the bottom of the grip. Four “AA” batteries, sitting at the front, power all of these functions;

• TheDeltaburst blaster has an automatic mode (3 shots at a time), the LCD screen on the back of the blaster that displays real-time health and ammunition.

Final Thoughts

The Nerf Laser Ops Pro Alphapoint is a great starting blaster in this new line. It has the feel of a Nerf blaster, and laser tag games can be organized straight out of the box without any extra gear. Having smartphones on hand, meanwhile, serves to augment and upgrade the experience, while also allowing single-player games. It’s a complete system with room to expand in both game types and blasters (there is also a burst-fire “rifle”, the Deltaburst, available).

It should be noted that these are not backward-compatible with previous laser tag products. Fans of older systems will see this as a downside, but the new ecosystem is polished and easy to use.